International Project Management, Plating and Materials

iPM² is an independent organisation for the promotion of industry, SMEs, and National Associations, more widely for Materials sectors, into Research projects with European partners, and collaboration, both technical and management, into day to day project co-ordination.

It has been established to offer the benefit of 13 years experience in EU and National projects and decades of economic, technical and scientific expertise, as well as training and workshops preparation and organisation. IPM² has run or runs various RTD projects in different areas (Aerospace; Automotive; Surface Finishing and Printed Circuit Manufacturing…)

Its staff gathers specialists in Administration and Management of projects, in Industrial expertise, in Legal aspects as well as in project organisation and logistics.

Concerning dissemination, IPM² has a broad list of approximately 150 contacts in the world today, activated yearly during workshops organised throughout EU and the world within IMS procedure (TRAWMAR, REWAS, VARIREI, TMS, ILE, PROSURF…).

In 20 years of existence, iPM² constitute a global budget for his partners of 10 million € since 2000.


Pascal Négré, Master in Business Administration, as Managing Director of SMEs specialised in plating, has been the European Project manager of EU funded projects in which these companies were/are either the Co-ordinator, the Assistant of the Co-ordinator, the Chairman of the Steering Committee, the Cluster leader or a partner. He is in charge of the technical follow-up (as member of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)), the administrative, logistics, and financial management inside these projects.

Pascal Négré was awarded by IMS in 2009 for Ecochrom project

Jacques Halut, Ecole nationale supérieure de Chimie de Paris, former Chairman, EC consultant, now Administrator of Plating Companies, and last President of the French Syndicate of Platers, provides the technical validation of the proposals, the scientific follow-up of the projects, and the technical supervision of the reports. His contacts, either national or international, through the Syndicate and in the extended profession of « materials » and of course « plating » are precious add-ins.

Jacques Halut has received the « Palmes Académiques » for his involvement in technical transmission of the plating issues.

Both have taken this active part to numerous Projects for 20 years.