Eco-efficient and high performance hard chrome process

The objective of the ECOCHROM project is to develop a process of electrolytic chromium-plating not using hexavalent chromium to protect the health of the employees and the environment process, performances of which will be at least equal to those of processes in the hexavalent chromium, will be applicable in the existing workshops of chromium-plating without considerable modification of installations.

After one year of search, two formulations are in development with promising results as for required performances: strong thickness, big hardness and good mechanical properties were already obtained on samples test.

Works are current to improve the electro-chemical performances of electrolytes as well as their life expectancy to formulate a bath which will be tested in the industrial scale;

At the end of project, the bath should be in a stage of development allowing to produce industrial coatings comparable to those obtained by traditional processes in the hexavalent chromium in the respect for the environment and for the health of the employees.